Rogers Internship Experience —

Crafting 5G solutions for the Rogers 5G Create Lab

Note: This is only about my internship experience and is intentionally limited in scope due to NDA. Contact me for more information about my work at Rogers.

Position: Product Design Intern

Duration: May 2021 - Aug. 2021

What I did:

As the only designer on the team, I was able to do a wide variety of things:

    • Facilitated design thinking workshops with customers to identify best areas for 5G implementation
    • Conducted user interviews with employees and customers to identify user and business problems
    • Ideated and designed user flows, wireframes, and hi-fidelity prototypes for a 5G smart parking app
    • Collaborated with other developers, designers, and project managers in an agile environment

Another Remote Internship

This was my second internship and unfortunately was also remote due to COVID-19. Honestly, I felt that I was still able to make the most of it because it was not my first time. There were some difficulties, but I was able to overcome many of them through company 1:1s and intern socials.

Challenges during Internship

There were many challenges during my internship, the most difficult one was effectively pitching a solution to my manager and higher executives. However, I was able to become confident in pitching through talks with my manager and LOTS of practice.

Key Takeaways

Overall, I enjoyed my internship with Rogers. Compared to my previous internship, working at Rogers helped me understand the differences and how decision-making is at large-scale companies.

Importance of Design Thinking

At the 5G Create Lab, I took part in many design thinking workshops. Being a part of these workshops helped me realize how to identify core problems and (5G) opportunities for a viable solution.


I learned to always think about the various edge-cases a product can go through. As product designers, it is important to change perspectives and consider everyone's needs (including the business’).